Permanent Lip Contouring

Thanks to Permanent Lip Contour, it is now very easy to have beautiful, stylish lips! Clinic Ever-Est serves you in Istanbul with the best experts in this field. The most attractive, most striking and most prominent features in our facial area are our lip area. Would you like to have full, youthful looking and vibrant lips? If your answer is yes, you are in the right place.

A permanent make-up process that is applied with the use of sterile needles and is applied only to the outer frame of your lip is called LIP CONTROL.

With the permanent lip contouring process, you can achieve more striking and more effective looks with the operations performed on the outer frames of your lips. Thanks to this aesthetic operation, which is generally preferred by our celebrities, you will have a well-groomed and younger appearance than usual. In order to have a good lip appearance and a proper lip frame, all you need to do is to talk to our doctors on the phone or whatsapp line on the website you are examining.

You can send all of your requests to our doctors and get the best prices for PERMANENT LIP procedures from our clinic.


Almost everyone wants their lips to look fresher, younger and more well-groomed. The periods when the colors of your lips are fuller are the young ages. As the age progresses, the color becomes lighter and the lips, which were more prominent, more attractive and bright in the past, begin to lose their vitality, albeit a little. Don´t worry, even as you get older, you can remove the pallor on your lips. With the small interventions we will make, you can have fuller, livelier and younger lips.

If you are not satisfied with the appearance of your lips, the fullness of your lips and the contours of your lips, what you should do is to take advantage of the lip contour application. You can have a preliminary meeting with our doctors on our whatsapp line and get information so that the application can be made for your lips. For details about the application, content and more, contact us at our numbers on our website, which you have just examined.

We invite you to follow the instagram page of our clinic to get more information about the lip contour application and to watch the before and after images.

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