Permanent Solution to Prominent Ear Problem

You are in the right place for Permanent Solution to Prominent Ear Problem. We eliminate this problem with our specialist doctors in our clinic.

Prominent Ear is among the problems that affect the psychological and aesthetic development of many people. The prominent ear condition is generally seen more in people of white race, but it is also seen in people of black race and these conditions are operated through Clinic Ever-Est. Men are one step ahead in cases of prominent ears. Women are less visible than men, or they can hide it behind their hair. We would like to point out that this situation, which is among the external appearance problems in our country, has some causes related to prominent ear deformity and we would like to briefly talk about these reasons.

When we examine the people with prominent ears, the first reason for its formation is that the area on the side of the inner fold of the ear, which is congenital to the person, is not formed. In such cases, the ear opens outward and makes an angle of 90 degrees with the skull base. Another reason is that the inner auricle called the concha in the ear is too wide, flat and deep, and it opens outwards. These ear types are called "SAIL EAR" among the people.

You can call our clinic for all your ear problems and you can always get professional support from our specialist doctors.

Prominent Ear Aesthetics

Doctors working in our clinic in prominent ear aesthetic operations will provide you with information about these aesthetic procedures at the most affordable prices.

You will recover in a short time after prominent ear surgeries. On average, our patients who have ear aesthetics can return to their normal lives within 2 days. Our doctors recommend and offer special bandages for people who have prominent ear surgery. We can host our guests for 1 night in our ultra-luxury hospitals where we perform the surgery. However, we usually discharge our patients with prominent ear aesthetics after the operation.

If you are looking for reliability and quality in health care and aesthetic operations, you can call Clinic Ever-Est numbers right away.


Individuals have larger ears than normal and their self-confidence is affected due to this feature, which is evident in their external appearance. We offer this service to you with our expert surgeons in order to solve the problem in the face of this situation that reduces the quality of life of people. After you have the ear aesthetics done in our clinic, there will be a small incision in the back for prominent ear aesthetics, this incision will not be visible when viewed from the outside, as it will be on the back. This incision will not disturb the patient during his daily life.

If you want to have "ear aesthetic surgery" at the most affordable prices by getting support from our specialist doctors, you can get instant support from our WhatsApp numbers on our internet page.

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