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There are many people who are affected by prominent ear condition in our country and in various parts of the world. It is an issue that is affected by psychosocial aspects and brings along aesthetic problems. Such problems usually occur in white races. When it comes to hiding prominent ear problems, women are much luckier than men because of their hair. We generally perform these "pronounced ear operations" on men.

Prominent ear problem is among the problems experienced by many people in Turkey. There can be two different reasons for the prominent ear problem. The first reason shows that the inner fold of the ear is not formed from birth. This is a condition that causes the ear to open outward and make an angle of almost 90 degrees with the base of the head.

If we talk about another reason, the reason for having prominent ears is that the inner bucket of the ear called "KONKA" is very wide, flat and deep. In this case, the ear opens outward. In the face of this situation, this type of ear among the people is called SAIL EAR.

prominent ear surgeries

Do you have prominent ears? We, as Clinic Ever-Est, change your ear appearance in a short time. You can contact us via our whatsapp support numbers on our site for any information you are wondering about the subject. In recent years, prominent ear problems are eliminated by applying modern techniques, especially within the scope of developing medicine and developing aesthetic operations in Turkey. You can call us for easily treated prominent ear aesthetics. Due to this appearance, which creates problems in the aesthetic sense, lack of self-confidence and self-esteem decrease. In the prominent ear problem brought about by psychological problems, the person should lead a better social life.


Prominent ear surgeries used to bother people for life. Today, operations for prominent ear problems are easily eliminated. These surgeries do not carry any serious risks. A simple plastic surgery operation, "scoop ear aesthetics" is provided by our expert plastic surgeons. It is an operation that takes between 1 hour and 1.30 hours on average.

Regarding the subject, you can reach us at any time of the day from our numbers on our website and you can solve your questions by learning the answers directly from our doctors.

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