Prominent Ear is No Longer a Problem

Prominent Ear is No Longer a Problem! Do you have a problem with your ears? Don´t Worry.. You can find out the solution options for your problem by visiting our clinic or making an online interview with our doctors.

This condition, known as "scoop ear" among the people, is actually a deformity in the ear. This condition, which occurs when the ear of the person takes an angle towards the front, is also called the prominent ear by doctors in the medical field. However, those who often face this problem in Google searches are looking for information about scooping out this problem, good doctors and affordable prices. In this context, we, as Clinic Ever-Est, step in. We have performed numerous prominent ear surgeries with our doctors working in our clinic.

To get information about the ear aesthetic surgeries we have performed and to access the before and after images, you can contact the Clinic Ever-Est WhatsApp line on our page and request the images taken during these operations from our doctors.


Prominent ear is a condition that can occur due to congenital defect. It does not occur due to a wrong move or behavior made by the family during the infancy of the person. There are usually people with other prominent ears in the family. If the ear shape is what we will call prominent ears, these people can be "ear aesthetics".


It is important to have ear aesthetics for children at an early age. Unfortunately, other friends of the same age make fun of their ears, especially during school periods. We recommend that people with prominent ears undergo surgery before starting school. Although the prominent ear condition does not pose a health problem in our children, it may have some psychological effects on them. If they do not reflect on their families in their school life, they may be affected psychologically even if their families are not aware of it. As Clinic Ever-Est, we recommend that these operations be performed at an early age for children.


We are exactly the clinic that adults will call when they decide to have this surgery! In our clinic, prominent ear operations are performed a lot. Our doctors provide their services in this field in ultra-luxury hospitals located in the region of our clinic and in a short time, people get the ear appearance they want.

Clinic Ever-Est, which guarantees that you will receive the best quality service at the most affordable prices, is as close as a phone call to you. If you wish, you can get information from our phone numbers on our contact page or from our Whatsapp support line on our site.

Prominent ear aesthetic operations are performed using general anesthesia in children and local anesthesia in adults.

Do not hesitate to contact us for details and inquiries.

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