Prominent Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

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Otoplasty is synonymous with ear aesthetics in terms of word meaning. Otoplasty aims to reshape the auricle and make the ear more natural and have a more aesthetic appearance. There are unique methods and techniques applied in this type of surgery. You can use our whatsapp line to get information about the subject and to learn the answers to your questions from our doctors who are in charge of our clinic and have performed numerous otoplasty surgeries.

To Whom Is Otoplasty Surgery Applied?

Anyone who is not satisfied with the shape of the ear can choose this type of surgery. Anyone who is uncomfortable with prominent ear conditions can choose it. We get satisfactory results for our patients with the assurance of Clinic Ever-Est so that the ear can take on a natural shape in cases where it is large or has the appearance of a scoop. Prominent ear aesthetic surgeries are frequently preferred in children and adults. We should prefer this surgery in our children between the ages of 5-6. It is recommended that you prefer this aesthetic before your psychology is affected, since children with prominent ears during school periods are unfortunately the subject of ridicule.

Otoplasty Surgery Techniques

Otoplasty operations are performed using general anesthesia technique. This type of surgery takes a very short time and is quick to stand up. Prominent ear surgeries last between 60 minutes and 120 minutes on average. An entrance is made from the back of the ear and surgery is performed by applying the relevant techniques. You can choose Clinic Ever-Est assurance and quality to get a natural and aesthetic ear.

After otoplasty operations, the incision behind the ear is closed with sutures. This incision behind the ear will not stand out in any way and will not disturb the person.

Prominent Ear Aesthetic surgeries are performed in high-quality private hospitals located in the immediate area of ??our clinic. Doctors working in our clinic complete the necessary operations in sterile environments and operating rooms in these hospitals, and in a short time, they will get you up and give your body the ear appearance you want. After the prominent ear aesthetic operation, it is not possible for the ear to become old again. Deformities do not recur.

You can call the numbers on our website for information about the surgeries performed by our doctors and for the before and after images of previous prominent ear aesthetic surgeries.

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