Prominent Ear Surgery

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Among the "ear aesthetics" operations, where we receive a lot of demand in our clinic and the surgeries are frequently performed, in cases where the ears protrude from the head or stand more upright in prominent ear problems, in cases where it is clear that it is suitable for the term prominent ear when viewed from the opposite or rear side, we step in and we invite you in particular. We save ourselves from being in a difficult situation in the face of these psychologically affecting situations. Prominent ear issues in different degrees and in different types can sometimes be seen in one ear and sometimes in both ears. This situation, which does not constitute a health problem, can cause psychological problems in people.


The ear, which is one of our organs that grows rapidly after birth, can grow by 80% in the first year and is completed between the ages of 9 and 10. The prominent ear condition consists of cartilage on which various folds can be found, and the skin part covered by the cartilage. At the lower end of the prominent ear, there is the earlobe and cartilage. Subcutaneous adipose tissue forms these areas. It proceeds by collecting sound waves and directing them to the outer ear canal. Ear size in adults can be between 5.5 centimeters and 6.5 centimeters along the normal auricle. When looking at the width of the ear, this size can be between 3.5 centimeters and 4 centimeters. When viewed from the side, the upper end of the auricle may be more backwards than the lower end. You can get service and support from Clinic Ever-Est within the scope of all kinds of problems that occur in these anatomical dimensions and differences. In case of prominent ear problems where we can provide a natural appearance, our operations are performed in ultra-luxury, high-level hospitals in the region of our clinic.

Prominent Ear Surgery

There is no period sought for the operations of prominent ears. In general, the completion of the prominent ear development may take up to 10 years. In some people, this situation can be completed at the age of 4-5 years. For prominent ear operations, the age range of the person can be looked at based on these. We generally perform these surgeries in children, usually during school periods, because environmental factors that may cause school-age children are considered and their effects in terms of psychology are avoided.

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