Rope Face Lift

With time, in the skin structure of our entire body; sagging and loosening, especially the face and neck, occur. This is mainly because the collagen and elastin fibers do not stretch as before. These skin essential elements, whose regeneration rate is decreasing, have lost their elasticity and lost their elasticity in the past years. Wrinkles, sagging and lifeless skin appear on the skin.

In addition to these changes in the skin over time, the skin sags forward and downward with the effect of gravity on the skin.
The sagging, which can occur especially in the middle and lower part of the skin, becomes evident on the nose edges, chin corner areas, under the eyes, on the cheekbone; In addition, due to the fall of the eyebrows downward with gravity, low eyebrows, wrinkles between the eyes, wrinkles and collapses between the eyebrows appear.

At the same time, with the same gravity effect, sagging and skin folds can be seen in the under chin area and neck area.
Over time, sagging and skin folds may occur in the buttocks and buttocks, inner legs and knees, under the arms, by adding gravity to body parts and loss of elasticity of the skin.

The sagging and skin folds that occur in the skin due to this time and gravity can be easily solved by the application of lifting the skin in the opposite direction of gravity with the rope suspension method. Rope hanging method is not an operation, it is a safe application without risk, side effect that can be applied in a short time.

Application areas: Rope hanger application can be easily done in all skin areas.

* In the middle facial region sagging
* Low eyebrow correction and eyebrow removal,
* Correction of lip edge sagging and skin folds
* Correction of sagging mouth corners, jaw sagging
* For removing neck wrinkles and sagging
* To remove the sagging of the armpits
* In the removal of sagging of the inner leg and knee region
* It can be applied successfully for breast lifting and butt lifting purposes.


Rope hanger application is a very easy, short-term, painless and painless application. It does not have any side effects. Although the application varies depending on the region, it takes between 40-60 minutes.
Anesthesia medications are applied to the application area with fine needles from several points to reduce the pain sensation.
The skin is entered with fine needles and a needle is inserted into the skin in the opposite direction of gravity. The specially prepared Fishbone structure threads are placed on the skin through the needle. The needles are removed from the skin, the threads remain in the skin. The fish-shaped threads move the fibrotic tissue in the skin upward, moving the skin part of the skin hanging upwards, the skin is fixed with the threads in the fishbone structure and the sagging and skin folds are corrected.
The effect will be seen immediately after the application, the sagging parts of the skin appear to be smooth, the main effect of the rope sling application will start 2-3 weeks later, reaching maximum effectiveness within 1-2 months.

It is a painless and painless procedure with anesthetic creams applied to the application area. After application, the appearance of mild edema may appear, the person can return to his social life with suggestions, and perform all his activities such as sea, pool, work.
The threads are not felt after insertion and are not visible under the skin.
The threads used in the rope-sling application begin to be absorbed by the skin in 6-8 months. Even though the threads are melted, the warning of the increase in cologen will continue, and the lively, healthy and tense appearance of the skin will continue for about 18-24 months.
Combinations with other treatments can also be made.

Post-application recommendations:
Application is extremely easy and fast. Generally, the application time can take 30-60 minutes. After the application, the person can return to his daily life with suggestions.
After the application, the person can return to his social life with suggestions. Besides;
Edema, swelling and small bruises may be seen in the application area, these will heal within a few days without the need for treatment.
It is recommended not to take a hot shower and swimming in the pool and sea for a few days after the application.
The application area should not be pressed for a few days.

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