Slimming Surgery

Our slimming solutions:

Stomach balloon:

In people who have not reached their desired weight despite diet and exercise, it is possible to lose 15-25 kilograms in an approximately 6-month-1-year period depending on the starting weight, using the endoscopic stomach balloon method. The stomach balloon is placed under the general anesthesia in the stomach in about 10 minutes after the necessary controls. The gastric balloon covers volume and provides early saturation and enables faster, effective weight loss. We apply 6-month and 1-year gastric balloon models. Consult your doctor for the necessary information.

Stomach Reduction Surgery (Sleeve gastrectomy):

 About 80% of the stomach volume is reduced in stomach reduction surgery. In this way, early saturation is achieved by eating less food. Since the amount of hunger hormone (Ghrelin) will also decrease with the volume of the stomach, the feeling of hunger after surgery also subsides. Therefore, it is an effective method that cannot be compared with diet. It makes it possible to lose weight almost as effectively as gastric bypass, one of the other methods in obesity surgery.
 It should not be forgotten that slimming starts with surgery. We follow you with our dietitian and psychologist for a long time in the post-operative period, so that you can achieve more successful results.

Stomach bypass (Gastric Bypass):

Besides overweight, it is a weight loss method that we can apply in patients with chronic sugar and blood pressure. With the new way in stomach bypass, food passes a large part of the small intestines and the food is thrown away without being absorbed. Thus, effective weight loss, sugar and blood pressure control are provided.

It should not be forgotten that diet and exercise should be the first step in weight loss. Effective and permanent weight loss is possible only by working together for a long time. You can decide which method is most suitable for you by consulting your doctor.

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