Under Eye Bag Aesthetics

Under-Eye Bag Aesthetics - It is the most common surgery performed by our doctors in our aesthetic surgeries. You can call us immediately for detailed information.

Bags under the eyes appear, especially after reaching middle age. The formation of swelling and bruises in the lower part of our eyes is a common situation in Turkish society. There is a way out of this situation, which can affect people´s social life a lot. We save you from this problem with operations performed by specialists in our clinic for under-eye bags and under-eye bruises.

Ring-shaped depressions and darkening occur just below the lower eye traps of people. It is seen that these rings extend downward as s over time. Because of this appearance, we hear from you that people ask you questions such as are you tired, sad, sick or sick. In addition to having to answer questions like these, we know that psychological breakdowns and sadness occur in you.

Thanks to Clinic Ever-Est, you can get rid of your under eye bags.

We have expert staff in the removal of under-eye bags. We destroy your under eye bags so that you do not experience problems in your social life. In general, it is the effect of the gravity of the tissues around the eyes that the fats come out. If the patient´s facial structure is suitable, we can intervene without making a significant incision in the under-eye bags.

Local anesthesia is applied in under-eye bag plastic surgeries and we complete the procedure in a short time and discharge our patients. We do under-eye aesthetics without pain.

Especially in large dark circles under the eyes and under-eye bags, surgery is required. It is necessary to take oil packs under the eyes whose skin is stretched and sagging.

For under eye bag plastic surgeries, you can contact us via our numbers on our contact page.

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