Upper Eyelid Treatment

Our clinic can achieve successful results with aesthetic operations for upper eyelid lowness, which may develop congenitally or due to some reasons.

Ptosis, that is, drooping of the eyelid, is one of the most common interventions in eye aesthetic operations. It is normally located on the upper eyelids of people, covering the transparent layers and colored layers of the eye by 1-2 mm. If the eyelids are lower than this normal place, this condition is called ptosis.

This situation may arise for various reasons, it may be congenital or may occur later. Low eyelid condition can be seen in both eyes, a condition that can occur in one eye. Eyelid drooping is completely a problem and the underlying health problem is being investigated. It is a condition that needs to be treated because of the negative appearance it provides to the person´s appearance, as well as the problem in the ability to see. As Clinic Ever-Est, we serve professionally with our expert staff in the field of droopy eyelid.

What is Ptosis (Droopy Eyelid)?

The meaning of the word ptosis in Latin means lowness. It is used among medical terms to express lowness in the upper eyelid. This situation, which affects 5% of the Turkish population, can be seen very often with advancing age. Because of the visual impairment and preventing the sending rather than the asymmetry, it is necessary to perform aesthetic operations in the eyelid drooping in those who encounter this situation.

It is the case that the eyelid is down to cover a part of the eye and it is saggy. It is a condition that can also be defined as mild squinting. Of course, in some people, this slight constriction can reach a size that will close the pupil. It is a condition that can be seen in people of all ages.

Eyelid drooping is usually seen in one eye. Of course, in some cases, it may appear in both eyes. Surgical interventions may be required for droopy eyelid, as it can affect daily life.

Some Symptoms of Droopy Eyelid

* There may be dryness and excessive tearing in the eyes.

* People may have fatigue and a dull expression on their faces.

* It may be the case of tilting your head back, lifting your chin or lifting your eyebrows to raise your eyelids in order to see better.

* You may experience neck, waist and spine pain as a result of these behaviors based on the above substance.

For problems with EYELID INCORPORATION you experience, you can contact them directly from our doctor´s numbers on our contact page and you can get answers to any questions you wonder.

Our doctors who specialize in eyelid aesthetics are at your service.

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