Vagina Aesthetic Operations

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In this type of surgery, known as labiaplasty surgery, the processes of shortening or reducing the inner lips are performed. As a result of these operations, which can be performed in our clinic, the area is sutured aesthetically. Our doctors have performed many successful operations in this area. As a result of the negotiations to be held in our clinic, the relevant operation will be performed in our contracted hospitals. We continue our activities in ultra-luxury hospitals in the comfort of a 5-star hotel located in the region of our clinic.


Reduction and shortening of the inner lips called labia minora in the genital organs of women can be performed by our doctors. The purpose of these operations, known as labia minora aesthetics or inner lip aesthetics, is to prevent the appearance of sagging of the inner lips of the genital organ when the person is standing and the legs are closed. In general, labiaplasty provides the person with functional, sexual, psychological and hygienic comfort.

This aesthetic operation is performed under general anesthesia. For some people, these operations can also be performed using regional anesthesia technique. The technique to be used in the labiaplasty method, which has many different surgical techniques, will be determined by our doctor during the examination of the patient. In order to determine the examination technique, the structure of the patient´s inner lips is examined. Almost all of the inner lips can be removed with this method. The patient´s wishes are acted upon and corrections can be made when necessary.

Who Prefers Vagina Aesthetics?

This aesthetic operation is generally preferred by patients with sagging inner lips, wrinkles and enlargement. It is an aesthetic operation that can be preferred by those who are not satisfied with their aesthetic appearance and are uncomfortable when they wear tight trousers and tights, frequently suffer from vaginal infections and have hygienic problems. Labiaplasty surgery is also preferable when one lip is different from the other, that is, in case of labial asymmetry. In those with asymmetrical structural disorders, this situation begins to appear after adolescence. Those who are in such a situation do not need to worry, they contact Clinic Ever-Est immediately and the problems are resolved in a short time.

All procedures in our clinic are performed by specialist doctors. All of these procedures are performed by doctors who have repeatedly participated in the operation and achieved magnificent results.

You can visit our clinic from all over Turkey and surrender yourself to the most expert hands for these aesthetic operations.

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