Vagina Aesthetics (Labioplasty)

In cases where the genital lips (Labium minus) are larger than normal, sagging, asymmetrical and shapeless, the operation performed for correction is called Labioplasty.
In women with the above problems; Irritation in labiums, redness due to rubbing to the underwear, itching, color darkening, recurrent infections, bad smell, visual troubles while wearing tight clothes or swimsuits can cause both self-dislike and sexual problems between couples.

The operation process

It is possible to get rid of such problems with a procedure of about 30 minutes under local anesthesia. Since melting surgical thread is used
no need to be taken. You can continue your business life the next day. You can take a shower on the same day, but you should not enter the tub.
Labioplasty does not lose sensation after surgery. Only a certain amount of tissue is removed from the lips and the clitoral area is preserved.
Virgins can also get it done as there is no hymen process.
The most important point to be considered after the surgery is the hygiene care of the genital area. If the dressing and care is done as described for you, there will be no problems.

Is there a stitch mark?

Wound healing on the genital lips is close to perfection. For this, there is no visible scar after surgery.

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