Vagina Aesthetics (Labioplasty)

You can get service from our company for all vaginal aesthetic procedures in Turkey. As Clinic Ever-Est, you can get support from our specialists in all matters related to labiaplasty, clitoris aesthetics, vaginoplasty and hymen in terms of genital aesthetics.

For this service, which is among the leading aesthetic operations of recent years, many visitors from various European countries and America come to our clinic with genital aesthetic requests. In our clinic, which mainly works in Europe, we can perform operations on the congenital, later formed and enlarged genital area, as well as darkening, elongated, sagging and irregular inner lips. You can get the best prices from us for these services, which are known from gynecological aesthetic operations.

Some of the problems caused by drooping lips are:

Shame and loss of self-confidence
Disturbance in body image
Pain due to stretching during sexual intercourse, feeling of pain
Inability to feel during sexual intercourse (especially if the clitoris is covered with too much skin)
Chronic local irritation
Frequent vaginal infection
Hygiene problems during menstruation and after toilet needs
Sweating, odor and infection problems after exercise like fitness
Rubbing while wearing tight pants
Recognizing the genital area from the outside when tights-like clothes are worn

Genital aesthetic applications are performed in order to eliminate the problems that occur in the vagina due to postpartum or long-term sexual intercourse. At Clinic Ever-Est, the necessary procedures to make your genital area firmer and smoother can be performed at the most affordable prices. We host our guests from most of the countries abroad in our clinic located in Istanbul and we ensure that the deteriorations that occur thanks to such treatment methods are eliminated.

Our specialist plastic surgery doctors will offer you the best options in genital aesthetic surgeries. Our guests should not worry about methods that require such surgical procedures. In fact, problems are eliminated with very simple and fast operations. All aesthetic operations of our clinic are carried out in high quality hospitals in our region that we have contracted with. You can contact us via our Whatsapp line on the site for answers to all your questions about aesthetic surgeries and doctor´s opinions for genital aesthetic applications.

Labiaplasty (Labium aesthetics - interventions to the large and small lips) provides the arrangement of the areas inside the vagina structure. The correction process of the small lips in the inner part is called LABIOPLASTY. Our patients regain their self-confidence in a short time and continue their sexual life in a better way with this aesthetic surgery, which is used in the stages of better quality of the structures of the large lips and small lips located at the entrance of the vagina. These operations can be applied to all our guests over the age of 18. . We restore the appearance disorders in the lower lip, which is larger.

 Labiaplasty Prices

In addition, Clinic Ever-Est can offer services for the repair of tear scars after birth. Our genital aesthetic specialists serve all over Europe from Istanbul in order to eliminate the deteriorations that occur after birth after excessive weight gain. We offer the best solutions to all our guests who demand the removal of tear marks.

We aim to give the best prices in genital aesthetic procedures. Our clinic welcomes many guests from European countries throughout the year. A special price is given to each patient according to the requested procedures and the applications to be made. For those who are looking for an average price, we have a whatsapp line belonging to our doctors on our site. By writing to us, you can get the methods and other details to be applied for you and get the best prices.

Vagina inner lip aesthetics, labiaplasty are either congenital or occur as a result of subsequent causes. We offer the most accurate options, at the most affordable prices, for the reconstruction of large, asymmetrical, drooping and irregular tissues in the inner lips of the vagina with aesthetic incisions by Clinic Ever-Est doctors.

In cases where the genital lips (Labium minus) are larger than normal, sagging, asymmetrical and shapeless, the operation performed for correction is called Labioplasty.
In women with the above problems; Irritation in labiums, redness due to rubbing to the underwear, itching, color darkening, recurrent infections, bad smell, visual troubles while wearing tight clothes or swimsuits can cause both self-dislike and sexual problems between couples.

The operation process

It is possible to get rid of such problems with a procedure of about 30 minutes under local anesthesia. Since melting surgical thread is used
no need to be taken. You can continue your business life the next day. You can take a shower on the same day, but you should not enter the tub.
Labioplasty does not lose sensation after surgery. Only a certain amount of tissue is removed from the lips and the clitoral area is preserved.
Virgins can also get it done as there is no hymen process.
The most important point to be considered after the surgery is the hygiene care of the genital area. If the dressing and care is done as described for you, there will be no problems.

Is there a stitch mark?

Wound healing on the genital lips is close to perfection. For this, there is no visible scar after surgery.

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