Vagina Tightening

In people, the vagina may enlarge due to aging, normal birth, sexual intercourse, abortion and similar situations. The most common cause of enlargement is normal birth. In difficult births, tears in the inner muscles and connective tissues of the person´s vagina can cause permanent enlargement of the person´s vagina. Or there may be enlargement in women who are considering a normal birth and have a cesarean section with the baby coming down.

People who experience these situations may hear some sounds during sexual intercourse due to the fact that the vagina cannot fully grasp the penis. In people who are not satisfied with these sounds, situations such as not being able to experience sexual pleasure and pleasure, negatively affecting sexual desire are very common. The area where sexual pleasure is most intense is known as the inside of the vagina in women. In this area, there is a sexual stimulant organ of people such as the clitoris and G spot. In case of contact with the penis, it positively affects pleasure and orgasm. Vaginal tightening aesthetic operations will be very useful in many ways.

Vaginoplasty operations are performed by many gynecologists and are known as “colporaphy posterior” (back repair) surgery among gynecological operations. For more information on the subject and to get the best prices, please contact our doctor in person via our Whatsapp Line.

It is one of the problems that can be experienced after birth. Due to permanent damage to the vagina, enlargement and loosening can be caused. It is possible to get rid of this situation, which can be a problem for couples during sexual intercourse. As Clinic Ever-Est, we offer vaginal tightening surgery to many of our patients, both from Turkey and abroad, with our specialist doctors, in our contracted ultra-luxury hospitals in our region. You can get information and support from us to solve the problems in enlargement and relaxation that cause pain, decrease in satisfaction and decrease in frequency of intercourse during your sexual intercourse.

Due to the enlargement of the vagina, a lack of self-confidence and sexual reluctance may occur in women over time. In recent years, we have been hosting our guests from many countries related to genital aesthetics and developing technologies related to sexual life in our city, in our clinic.


In the case of vaginal widths, we call all of the vaginal rejuvenation, narrowing and tightening processes vaginoplasty. With this type of surgery, the deformed vagina is restored to its original state. It is very common in women who have given birth to large numbers or women who have given birth to large babies. You can get support from Clinic Ever-Est doctors to solve enlargement problems that cause a bad appearance both visually and aesthetically.

Of course, it can also happen in people who can be seen without giving birth. Here, too, there may be discharges and enlargements in this region with the feature of collagen structure. Apart from sexual intercourse, when the person feels air leaking from this region in their daily activities, when they hear the sounds of gas, the demands of our patients reach us. He recommends vaginoplasty surgeries for our patients who apply to our clinic doctors with these complaints.


Since it is a surgical technique that can vary from patient to patient, it would not be very accurate to give a net price in writing on the site. In vaginal tightening surgery, a narrowing amount of 3 or 4 cm is usually applied. Of course, this amount may decrease or increase from person to person. Our doctors listen to the wishes, demands and problems of our patients during the pre-operative examinations, and then convey the necessary information to obtain the best results.

Even if you are not in Istanbul, you can contact our doctors on WHATSAPP and get instant information to learn about our price offers for vaginal tightening surgery. You can reach our doctors via our whatsapp line on our website for informational details about both the price and the procedure.

As a vaginal tightening surgery, it is possible to increase sexual satisfaction and sexual pleasure. Thanks to this surgery, it will be ensured that the entrance of the vagina appears closed in an aesthetic sense, and it will also be prevented in your daily life from the sounds of gas extraction from the vagina.

Thanks to the narrowing procedures to be performed with Clinic Ever-Est plastic surgery doctors, the sagging of your bladder and large intestines has also been corrected. Regaining self-confidence in their sexual relations is the first benefit of all our visitors who have had this plastic surgery.

When you want to have vaginal tightening surgery to regain your old appearance, you can contact us and get the service at the most affordable prices.

The vagina may be larger than normal after vaginal delivery or structurally. Vaginal narrowing can achieve vaginal space within normal limits without any loss of function.

Enlarged vagina can cause sexual problems among couples, loss of orgasms in women, urinary incontinence, and voices in daily life or during intercourse. During normal delivery, sometimes an enlargement may occur in the vagina entrance area due to the incision (episiotomy) made on the edge of the vagina to facilitate delivery.

How is vagina contraction performed?

Soft tissue approximately 2-3 cm wide from the entry point of the back wall of the vagina to the cervix is ??removed and narrowed with melted sutures. Since the stitches used are self-melting, there is no need to buy them.

Hospital and Operating Room process

(Vaginal tightening can also be done under local anesthesia. However, I prefer to do it in the hospital operating room both in terms of patient comfort and surgical discipline)

Preoperative examinations are prepared on the same day or 1 day before. You should not eat or drink anything 8 hours before the surgery. If the results are evaluated by the anesthesiologist and there is no obstacle, your surgery can be performed. If it is performed under general anesthesia, the patient will not feel any pain during the procedure. The average procedure time is 45 minutes and the time spent in the operating room will be longer after the patient is put to sleep and awakened.
In the postoperative service, you will be given antibiotics and pain medication. You will be discharged the next day by making a control examination and being called for a check-up on the 3rd day.

Post-operative pain and return to work

Since there is no painful surgery, you can return to work after 3 days.

Sex life after surgery

Both the stitches in the vagina should not be damaged and sexual intercourse should not be made for 45 days due to the risk of infection.

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