Vaser Liposuction Method

It is now very easy to get rid of your excess fat that cannot be destroyed by diet or sports. Achieving the ideal body appearance is no longer a dream, you can say goodbye to your stubborn fat by using our liposuction method right away.

Liposuction method, which is a regional slimming method for those who do not have problems such as obesity / weight problem, eliminates and reshapes unwanted fat deposits. The liposuction method, which is a surgical method, should definitely be preferred by competent people. Thanks to this method, also known as degreasing, it is possible to achieve your ideal appearance on the same day by using many possibilities that technology from the past to the present day.

In the liposuction method, the oils that are made fluid in the application area are vacuumed and removed in the 1 & 2 mm incision opened in the application area, it should be done by a doctor because it is a surgical method. As an examination, you can get all kinds of information about the subject from our doctor. Our visitors who wish are made by the best doctors in the field via the WhatsApp line on our website. This method, which aims to slim down regionally and make the body lines the most smooth, is one of the most frequently used and most processed methods in the world. Our doctors who will apply this method to you in our clinic are the most knowledgeable and experienced doctors in their field.

Our Applications with the Vaser Liposuction Method

* Leg Fat Removal

In this method, we regulate the thickness, disproportion and appearance problems of your legs by applying the liposuction method.

* Leg Fat Removal

In this method, we regulate the thickness, disproportion and appearance problems of your legs by applying the liposuction method.

* Abdominal Stretching Procedure

For the relevant process, we perform liposuction applications with our state-of-the-art machines and expert doctors in the field and eliminate deformations and sagging in the umbilical region.

* Fat Removal from the Arm Area

In the related method, we eliminate the sagging in the arm area due to your excess weight with the latest technology liposuction operations.

* Body Shaping

We remove the excess fat in the human body and make you look proportional. The liposuction method enables us to achieve successful results in order to have a more aesthetic body line.

* Hip and Hip Fat Removal

We remove and destroy the lubrication on your hips and hips that exercises and diets cannot eliminate.

* Taking Belly Fat

We remove all the excess fat in the abdominal area due to birth, environmental factors, hormonal problems.

* Cheek, Cheek, Facial Oils

With this method, you can direct your facial features, which are important for an aesthetic appearance. We remove the excess oils on your face and shape your face.

You can reach us on behalf of the questions you have about all our application types and you can get the answers of all your problems from the best doctors in their field. You can reach our doctors from the whatsapp numbers on our site.

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