What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia; is the enlargement or swelling of the breast tissue in men. It can affect one or two breasts. It is mostly due to male estrogen levels that are unbalanced or too high with testosterone levels. In this case; breast pain and tenderness are common symptoms. Often manually controlled, a solid rubber tissue disc is felt directly under the breast area. It is observed that the fist can move easily within the breast tissue.

What causes breast enlargement in men?

Gynecomastia is most commonly caused by an imbalance between estrogen and testosterone hormones. Estrogen follows female characteristics, including breast enlargement. Testosterone controls male properties, such as muscle mass and body hair. Although each of these hormones produces the usual properties seen in men and women; males produce small amounts of estrogen, and females produce small amounts of testosterone. Male estrogen levels that are too high or unbalanced with testosterone levels cause gynecomastia.

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