Xanthelasma Treatment Methods

You can get the necessary information from this content, where we talk about Xanthelasma Treatment Methods, and you can get information from our specialist doctors through the numbers on the site for the treatment of xanthelasma disease.

Unfortunately, there is no method that can treat the xanthelasma disease that occurs in some parts of the body of the patients in their own living spaces. There are moments when we encounter some complications on the eyelids of all our patients who visit our clinic and try to eliminate the formations that occur as a result of this disease on their own. For this reason, we recommend that you visit our clinic immediately when you see the symptoms of new xanthelasma. You can review our previous article we published on our corporate website to learn and examine information about xanthelasma symptoms.

Xanthelasma Treatment

You can visit us as soon as you see a detail about the symptoms of xanthelasma. If there is formation, the size, number and thickness of these yellow or white oil spots are examined by our doctors. In order to get the best results in xanthelasma treatments, our doctor will offer you the best treatment for this disease. Our doctors are very experienced in cases that occur due to these oil glands and xanthelasma disease around the eyes, where we get excellent results.

There are many methods that can be used in the treatment of xanthelasma. In this situation where methods such as traditional surgical method, electrocautery, radiosurgery, cryotherapy, trichlor acetic acid, ablative laser treatments, co2 laser treatment, nd-yag laser treatment, erbium fat laser treatment are included, our doctor examines the patient and examines the appropriate method. Sharing it with the patient will inform about the solution. In general, we make you comfortable by destroying these formations on the same day.

Xanthelasma disease is usually associated with high blood lipids and cholesterol levels in middle-aged and older people. Correct diet and exercise practices are also recommended by our doctors to prevent recurrence after treatment in our xanthelasma patients.

You can call Clinic Ever-Est immediately for xanthelasma disease, which does not affect your daily life but creates some negativity in your appearance. If these oil glands that settle in areas such as eyelids and nose root cause psychological distress for you, do not worry, you can call us immediately and request the appropriate day for treatment.

Xanthelasma treatment is done by our competent physicians personally. This oil deposit, which is generally yellowish in color, is seen in 5 out of every 100 people in our country. Our ladies do not have to worry about this ratio, which is higher for women. Our clinic can help you get rid of these situations with laser and radiofrequency methods.

For more information and if you are curious, you can reach our doctors via the WhatsApp support line on our website.

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