Xanthelasma Treatment

Xanthelasma Treatment & You can call us for the xanthelasma disease that shows its existence with the formation of yellow and white spots on your eyelid and treatment methods.

Xanthelasma disease, which is quite easy to diagnose and can be diagnosed even by sight, is a completely benign disease. Generally, it has a whitish or yellow structure located near the root of the nose, on the upper or lower eyelids. In xanthelasma, deposits of cholesterol are mostly seen in the skin layer in milk, and they are flat, arch-shaped or rounded. Another feature when we look at xanthelasmas is that they are soft. In general, it is more likely to be seen in both eyes.

It is a condition that can occur with the disorder of fat metabolism in humans. The situation that determines the possible changes in fat metabolism will be seen in the blood test to be requested by our doctors.

Some Diseases That May Cause Xanthelasma

Some or all of the lipid levels in the blood are not in the normal range, and if they are elevated, the presence of what is known as hyperlipoproteinemia will be mentioned. Diabetes can occur after the thyroid is not functioning sufficiently or liver and kidney diseases occur. Secondary hyperlipoproteinemia will also be mentioned in the lipid levels in your blood, which will increase as a result of diseases in this and similar cases. Such situations can be seen as Xanthelasma Cause.

Xanthelasma Treatment

As the deposits in the upper and lower eye traps, these conditions do not usually resolve on their own, and there is no drug treatment. You can choose our clinic for the treatment method and elimination procedures for xanthelasmas, which are known to be harmless, and they do not cause pain.

You can reduce the situation by lowering the blood lipids that occur due to the disorders in the fat metabolism in the person. However, if there is xanthelasma formation in the context of an underlying disease, it should definitely be treated in this disease. At the same time, the effect of nutrition and lipid-lowering drugs against this situation is very low. Xanthelasma treatment is performed by a completely surgical operation. Our clinic destroys xanthelasma with laser. Our specialists in the field are the ones you can easily choose because of their constant presence in this practice. You should not forget that these operations are very important operations as they are around the eyes.

Our surgeons who are experts in the field of xanthelasma can be removed. If the xanthelasmas prevent the eyelid from closing and if their size and location cause discomfort to the person, they should definitely be treated. This surgical procedure, performed with local anesthesia, is usually completed in a short time.

You can call us now for more information and prices of Xanthelasma Treatment.

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